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FIXD Reviews Are In: This New Car Health App Will Save You Thousands

You know the drill. You’ve had a long day at work, you get in the car, you start the ignition…and suddenly, a horribly familiar orange light flashes onto your dashboard: CHECK ENGINE. You know what that means. You’ve dealt with it a million times. It’s never good news.

Not everybody has the skills to fix their own car, so most likely, the first thing you’re going to do is take it to the automobile mechanic. After all, mechanics are professionals, and they’ll know how to correctly diagnosis and repair whatever damage is going on under the hood. Sadly, by the time you get your wheels back, the shop will have charged you thousands of dollars—and there’s a strong chance that many of those costly “repairs” will have been completely unnecessary.

This rip-off has been the state of affairs for a long time. Your grandparents shrugged it off. Your parents told you to never trust mechanics, but still coughed up the money. What else could they do? Shifty auto shops are fully aware that the average person can’t properly interpret a check engine light, and they use this confusion to their advantage. That’s why, when the doors are closed and you leave the room, they call it the “idiot light.”

However, the tide is turning. Technology is evolving. You won’t have to repeat this sorry cycle any longer, because now, hope is on the horizon: it’s called FIXD.

If you haven’t heard of the FIXD app, prepare to have your mind blown. This handy little device is poised to disrupt the entire auto repair industry, by putting the power over your car’s health back into your hands.

What is the FIXD car diagnostic tool?

what is fixd

FIXD is the best car diagnostic tool on the market. It’s a small sensor that plugs into your car, tracks live results, and sends you maintenance updates, reports, and guidelines straight to your phone, through the free FIXD app.

If your current check engine light woes aren’t your first rodeo, there’s a chance that you’re familiar with the little OBD2 (on-boarding diagnostics) port in your car. If that doesn’t ring a bell, the OBD2 port is a little plug-in space around knee-level, when you’re driving. When you bring your car to the mechanic, or perhaps AutoZone, they will plug a code reader into this port. This scanner will then flash a confusing code, pointing toward what problem set off the light.

The problem? If you’ve ever used an OBD2 reader yourself, you know that those codes don’t clear much up. Understanding them will require hours of reading, and shady mechanics will take advantage of your naivete to explain how the codes (allegedly) don’t mean what the book says they mean. Basically, you’re still left in the dark.

The FIXD app changes that. Now, by plugging FIXD into the OBD2 port and then downloading the free app, you’ll be able to use your phone to find out what’s going on in easy-to-understand, non-technical layman’s terms. No more jargon. No more shadiness. Not only that, but FIXD will monitor your car’s health on a daily basis, and when problems do crop up, it will tell you how dangerous they are, so you know what you can put off and what you can’t.

FIXD isn’t here to rip you off. This amazing little device is here to save you money, and make car services a whole lot easier.

How does FIXD work?

Hearing that FIXD will save you time and money sounds great, but how does it work? Is it really that easy?

Actually, yes. Getting FIXD set up is simple. First, just locate the OBD port on your car, and then plug FIXD in. Don’t stress about whether or not your car might have this port: if your automobile was made after 1996, it’s there. Don’t worry. Once FIXD is plugged in, download the FREE app onto your phone. Sync FIXD with your phone. With that, you’re good to go. Car care made simple.

Now that FIXD is set up, you’ll finally have the ability to know your car in the way you always wanted to, as FIXD will give you clear information in layman’s terms. This way, when a check engine light does come on, you don’t need to wonder or worry ever again: from now on, the FIXD app will send automatic push notifications to your phone, telling you exactly what’s going on.

So, if your check engine light comes on during a long car ride, thanks to FIXD, you don’t need to rush to a mechanic: if the problem is severe, FIXD will tell you, and if it’s something minor, you’ll know. This way, you’ll know when problems are something you need to work on immediately, or if they can be put off for a later time. If the issue isn’t that bad, FIXD also allows you to turn off the check engine light.

As any doctor will tell you, fixing problems when they come up is only half the battle. True health management requires preventing these issues from coming up in the first place. FIXD is no different, and this key feature is what’s going to change the automobile repair industry: because FIXD does live, real-time monitoring of your car’s health, it knows exactly when maintenance is needed, and will tell you.

Need to check your air filter? FIXD will remind you. Time for an oil change? FIXD has your back. Could your tires use a rotation? FIXD will make sure you get the news. All of these updates will be delivered to your phone in easy to understand push notifications, just like how you get updates for your calendar, appointments, and text messages. In other words, FIXD makes car maintenance into an easy, hands off process.

When you do need new parts, FIXD will also estimate the cost of parts and labor for you. While these costs do vary by region, having a general guideline of what they’re supposed to cost will prevent you from being scammed by some crooked mechanic. If the shop quotes you at a price way above those FIXD estimates, you’ll know you’re getting fleeced, and can take your car to a better garage.

A healthy car is a car that doesn’t need to be repaired quite so often. FIXD will make sure you take good care of your automobile, and save you time, sleep, and money.

What FIXD Doesn’t Do

fixd reviews

FIXD does a lot. But FIXD is a tool, not a miracle, so it’s important to use it correctly.

If FIXD lets you know that something is seriously wrong with your engine, it can’t fix the damage for you. When such reports occur, it’s important to bring your car to a mechanic and get the work done. What FIXD does do is let you know exactly what the damage is. That means if you do bring the car in, and a mechanic makes vague promises about replacing some other parts as well, or quotes you a higher price, you’ll know that you’re being scammed—and can steer your repairs in the direction of your choosing, rather than his.

In addition, there are a couple of other dashboard lights you’ll still need to monitor. If your TPMS light or ABS light comes on, don’t wait: get some service done.

The Cost Savings

Okay, now it’s time to get to the good stuff. Obviously the FIXD sensor doesn’t have hands, so it can’t repair your car for you: what the sensor does do, though, is make sure that you only get the right repairs. Most importantly, it insures that you’re never wasting your money.

For example, consider the humble check engine light. It’s mysterious. It’s creepy. It doesn’t give clear answers, but merely hints that something—possibly huge, possibly tiny—is wrong. Even if you’re experienced at using an OBD II scanner, you’re going to be stuck with some weird code that provides more question than answers. This means that, most likely, you’re going to end up needing to have the car diagnosed by a mechanic. Want to know how much that mere diagnosis costs? Brace yourself: between $88 and $111 is the average, according to Repair Pal. That’s not even including taxes, fees… or, well, repairs. In other words, you’re spending over $100 bucks just to have someone tell you what’s wrong, and they might be lying.

In contrast, FIXD will provide the same service, and for a far lower cost. One FIXD sensor costs just $59. Even if you used it only once, you’d be cutting your spending by a huge amount—and let’s face it, you’re going to use it way more than once. That means FIXD will, no exaggeration, save you enough money to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

This Car Health Monitor Reviews What’s Going on Beneath the Hood, and Makes Diagnosis Easy

car health monitor

FIXD holds a lot of benefits. It will change the way the automobile repair industry works, and ensure that you save a lot of money. There are a lot of reasons that FIXD is the product you’ve been waiting for, but these are the three key appeals:

  1. Freedom from worry. Instead of feeling lost when a mechanic spouts a bunch of terms you don’t understand, FIXD will make sure that the repairs you do get are repairs that you actually need.
  2. Protection for you and your family. Instead of fearing the check engine light, you’ll always know whether or not it’s safe for you to be on the road. In addition, if your partner, spouse, or children are driving, you won’t need to worry about their car blowing up. FIXD will keep them safely monitored.
  3. Convenience. Until now, car maintenance has always been a tiring, time-consuming, confusing chore. For example, when is it time to check the coolant level? FIXD will let you know, via a simple push notification on your phone, so you don’t have to keep guessing. When issues do occur, you don’t have to decipher strange sounds in your engine anymore, as FIXD will explain the matter clearly.

Not surprisingly, FIXD is also making waves across the entertainment world. The product has been featured on everything from Mashable to Business Insider. Reviews of FIXD are through the roof with excitement: it has been raved about on Anderson Live, FOX News, and more.

The Questions You Were Afraid to Ask (F.A.Q.)

In today’s world, smart consumers ask questions. If you’ve been stiffed by mechanic bills before, you want to know what you’re putting your money down on. Don’t worry, though. FIXD is exactly what it appears to be. For example:

Does FIXD have a monthly subscription cost? Nope. Buy the sensor once, keep it, and the app is free.

Will it work with my car? Most likely, though there are some exceptions. The big requirement is that your car must have an OBD port—but these ports are required for vehicles made after 1996. So if your car is 1997 and up, you should be good. Any make, any model, so a 1999 Ford is every bit as suitable as a 2018 Toyota. However, do note that FIXD does not support diesel or electric cars at this time.

Okay, so where is this OBD port thing? I swear I don’t have it? Again, if your car was made after 1996, you have it, though the location may vary—slightly. For most cars, you can find the OBD port under the dashboard, on the driver’s side, often at knee level, and above the pedals. It will usually be to the left of the steering wheel, but sometimes, it’s on the right, and every once in a while you’ll find it on the passenger side. Never fear, though: if you have trouble locating it, FIXD has a free offer to contact them for help.

What if I want to know ahead of time when I should do car maintenance? FIXD provides a maintenance timeline, so you can see how long you have before your next recommended service reminder.

Can the app monitor multiple cars? Of course! While you will need different sensors for each car, you can use the FIXD app to monitor your car, your spouse’s car, your parents’ car, your kid’s car, or anyone else who you’ve synced to.

How does FIXD know what issues are coming up? Because it’s plugged into your car, and it tracks the mileage. Every time you go anywhere, FIXD will log in the miles, the hiccups, and the misfires, calculating exactly what’s going on, so that you don’t have to.

Do I need to charge the sensor? Definitely not. FIXD charges by using the vehicle’s energy. When the car turns off, it switches to a low-energy mode, to make sure your battery doesn’t get drained.

So should I just leave FIXD in my car constantly, all the time? Go for it! As stated above, FIXD’s low-energy mode will not drain your battery, and will automatically start charging whenever you fire up the automobile again. When the car is off, very little power is needed, and nothing is being read. That said, FIXD does suggest that if you leave your car sitting untouched for three weeks or more—for example, if you take a month-long vacation with the bucks you saved on FIXD—they recommend that you unplug the sensor while you’re gone. Once you get back and turn the car on, plug it right back in.

Will the sensor mess up other Bluetooth devices in my car? Don’t worry, your smartphone will handle it, and allow you to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at once.

Will it work with your phone? FIXD is optimized for iOs and Android. It currently doesn’t work with Windows phones.

Who are the Creators?

fixd team

Like so many great inventions of the present day, FIXD is the product of a startup company that got its funding through Kickstarter. The creators are two Georgia Tech engineers, Rachel and John. Rachel is the Biomedical Engineer, and John is the car guy: the concept of FIXD originated when both of them thought hard about the struggles their family members were having when it came to understanding the check engine light in their cars.

Rachel, with her medical background, saw that cars and people weren’t so different: both get sick, and both need routine maintenance to prevent ailments from occurring. Joining together with Rikin and Kevin, the team decided to revamp the way automobile health is diagnosed, by creating an easy to install, easy to use tool that anyone — from the young driver to the old veteran — can understand at a glance.

Now that people who don’t know car jargon can understand what’s wrong with their car, instead of needing to consult those who might rip them off, the future of the $105 billion dollar automobile industry is about to be overturned.

So Wait, is FIXD right for me?

Yes, and here’s why.

FIXD is a product suited for everyone, for every walk of life. If you’re a regular guy, just looking to keep your car running so you can get to work and back, FIXD will make your life a lot easier. If you’re an average woman who doesn’t want to deal with the shady, backstage maneuvering of shifty automobile mechanics, FIXD will make sure you’re armed with knowledge of what you need, so you can’t be manipulated. Are you concerned about your kids driving their cars into the ground? Just hook up a FIXD sensor to their OBD, and you’ll always know exactly what state their vehicle is in. No worries, no stress, no wondering: the facts are clean, crisp, and clear.

Have you ever been ripped off by a mechanic? With FIXD, it will never happen again. Do you often forget to do routine maintenance for your vehicle, and regret it later? FIXD’s push notifications will ensure that forgetting becomes a feature of the past. Are you obsessed with knowing exactly what’s going on in your car, and always terrified that something terrible might be hiding under the hood? Worry no more. Thanks to FIXD, you’ll finally be in the driver’s seat— for real.

➡️ Where to Buy FIXD

Without a doubt, the first place to look for a great deal on FIXD is the website. The FIXD price is just $59 for one sensor, plus shipping and handling. However, if you buy two sensors, you’ll get free shipping, and the second sensor is priced half-off. Buy three sensors, and the third one is totally free. If you don’t have the money to do everything upfront, you can make three interest-free payments on the website. In addition, you’ll always get a 1-year limited warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Check out our exclusive link.

Of course, there are many other places where you can buy FIXD. Sensors are also sold at Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. No matter where you are, FIXD is available.

Summary: Rounding Up the Basics

When you plug in a regular OBD reader, or bring your car to a mechanic, you end up listening to a wave of technical jargon that doesn’t make sense, and usually ends up breaking your wallet in half. However, the beauty of the FIXD app is that it strips away the clutter, and leaves you with the actual diagnosis. It makes car health management easy, carefree, and manageable.

Here’s a general summary of the deal you’ll be getting if you jump aboard the FIXD train:

  • The FIXD sensor, for a low price of $59—or buy three, and get one free.
  • The free FIXD app: Easy to install, easy to use.
  • Reminders. Instead of waiting until problems pop up, the FIXD app will be your personal car doctor, and keep track of your situation: when your car needs oil changes, maintenance, or other fixes, FIXD will let you know.
  • The FIXD app is safe, secure, and private. Don’t worry about your private information getting out there, as FIXD firmly refuses to sell user information to private parties.

So, as far as the $105 billion dollar automobile repair industry? Consider it disrupted. Now that FIXD is hitting the scene, you’ll never have to rely on shady mechanics again. Take control back. Own your own car. Buy FIXD today.